The Glammforce Takeover

About Us

Who is Christina Victoria ...


Christina Victoria is a Makeup Artist who decided to take her love and passion for makeup to the next level by starting her own makeup line.

She was a freelance makeup artist  for MAC for about five years and later went on to become a Business Manager for CHANEL. 

She attributes her love for makeup to her Mother who was a former Mary Kay Sales rep when she was growing up.

Her primary focus has been on lipgloss although her line offers products such as lipstick, mascara and body bronzer.

Christina Victoria believes in #Girlpower and the Empowerment of Women.

She created “The GlammForce Takeover” to promote:


Self Love



& Charity

She created her #IAmStrong movement that is dedicated to everyone but particularly to any WOMAN who has ever faced discrimination, retaliation, unfair treatment, sexual abuse, gender inequality or LGBT discrimination!  By raising our voices and standing together, we are “I Am Strong!” -and nothing or no one will ever stop us from being who we were destined to be. #IAmStrong

High-Quality Products


We believe in providing the highest quality products that are affordable and that make you feel beautiful by bringing out the GLAMM in you!